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Monday, October 3, 2016

Sewing Room Organization: Filing Cabinet Renovation

Oh boy it's been a while. But let's just jump back in with the first crafty thing I've done in a while. I recently moved, and while the rest of the house is (mostly) unpacked, there's so much stuff that needs to find a place in my sewing room, I don't even know where to start. It's actually kind of scary to look in there right now... So the first thing I wanted to do when I moved was to pretty up an old filing cabinet I had so I could start putting stuff away in it.

I decided to use chalkboard paint so I could write to dos and other notes to myself on it. The filing cabinet came free on the curb, but it was pretty clean so I just needed to wipe it down a bit and remove a few sticky labels. I took the hardware off and painted it gold. Well, except for the little tab you push to open the drawer. Could not for the life of me figure out how to take that one off, so I painted it black to blend in. I used a cheap metallic acrylic paint for the other pieces but if I could do it again, I would use spray paint, or at least a better quality paint. It look about 10 layers to get an opaque coverage with the stuff I used.

I primed the cabinet first, and then used two layers of chalkboard paint. I didn't pay attention to the type of paint roller I bought, and the one I ended up with was not meant for the smooth surface of the filing cabinet. The nap was too long so it left a weird bumpy/splotchy texture. I used a regular paint brush for the second layer, which was much better, and luckily covered up the uneven first layer completely. You can see the difference here - mid-second layer:

I only used one layer on the back side because I realized it would always be against a wall and I didn't want to waste the chalkboard paint, so you can still see the splotchy texture there. Otherwise, I followed the instructions on the paint can for how long to wait between coats and how to condition the surface by rubbing chalk over it. And here's the final result (I told you my room was messy - I'm working on it!):

I'm using the cabinet to store my sewing patterns and a bunch of general craft supplies. Sadly, the paint on the drawer is already chipping off a bit from rubbing against the cabinet. And I just realized that I didn't write anything on it with chalk before I took these photos, but I promise it is actually chalkboard paint!

Unfortunately there's still a lot of work I need to do before I can actually use my sewing room to sew. Next I'm planning to set up a pegboard on the wall above my sewing machine to get my tools and supplies off the floor. And my machine table, and my cutting table.

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