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Thursday, October 6, 2016

Easy Faux Fur Footstool

I really want to make furniture, but I have no woodworking skills (yet - it’s on my list to learn!). So when I saw a tutorial for making a faux fur footstool, I thought it would be the perfect beginner project. It uses pre-made table legs and a pre-cut wood round, so it was super easy to make. Plus, I mean, a furry footstool? Of course I was gonna be all over that.

It only took a couple hours of actual work, plus a day for drying time because I chose to spray paint the legs gold first. It was really simple to do, and I love how it turned out!

There’s a million tutorials out there about how to make a stool like this, so I’m not going to go into much detail about how I made it, but for reference, these are the materials and sizes I used:

  • 1 - 15” precut wood round
  • 4 angled top plates
  • 4 - 12” tapered table legs
  • 2” thick foam chairpad (cut to size)
  • ¾ yard faux fur fabric
  • staple gun

The wood I used was soft enough that I didn’t need to drill pilot holes for the top plates. After attaching all 4, I screwed in the table legs, stuck the foam pad on top, and then covered the whole thing with the faux fur. First time using a staple gun, and I didn’t even lose my eyesight or anything.

I had enough fabric leftover to make this big fluffy pillow too. Both items are going upstairs in our living room/sitting area, along with the wooden loveseat the pillow is sitting on. I’m in the process of reupholstering it now - more on that to come!

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