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Wednesday, March 9, 2016

A Crafty Recap

Hello again, internet! It's been a busy few months - I graduated, started a new job, and moved to a new city at the start of the year. But I did find time in between to do some crafty things! Here's a few of the things I have made recently.

I love these little sculpey dishes! They were really fun and pretty easy to make. I used this awesome tutorial from A Beautiful Mess. I gave a few out as Christmas presents, and made some extra for myself. They are great for catching bobby pins and jewelry that inevitably get scattered around the house.

You are supposed to use liquid gilding to make the edges gold, but I couldn't find it anywhere so I used nail polish instead, which worked great! So if your city also has a terrible craft selection, two coats of nail polish should do the trick.

And to go in the dishes, I had to make some jewelry out of sculpey too. And by some, I mean a ton. This was also a super easy and fun project. I followed this tutorial from Pitter and Glink.

I was on a sculpey kick, so I made this cute phases of the moon garland as well. Again, I used a tutorial from A Beautiful Mess.

I guess I don't have a picture of it up, but I hung it vertically on the wall of my sewing room.

Since this is a sewing blog, I guess I should include something I actually sewed. I found this AMAZING faux fur fabric from the thrift store, probably six months ago, and instantly knew I needed to make it into a blanket. I knew I wasn't supposed to wash it, but I wasn't about to drape thrift store fabric over myself without washing it first... So I did, annnnddd yes it shed everywhere. But luckily it mostly only came off from the wrong side, so the outside is soft and fluffy and perfect!

I can't believe I'm saying this, but I didn't want to use the animal print for the backing. I wanted just a solid black, white, or gray, but I couldn't find the right stuff anywhere. Then I found this kind of plush fleece-y fabric, which felt so soft and nice (but unfortunately not available in solid colors) that I just decided to use it.

I'll leave you with an action shot of the monster blanket trying to eat my machine.

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