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Sunday, December 13, 2015

Blue Skater Dress McCalls 6754

It seems that once again, I've taken an unexpected break from sewing. Or at least from posting. I've worked on a few things in the past few months, but I guess nothing I've decided to share. But I'm back today with a pattern I've written about many times, the McCalls 6754 skater dress. I wasn't going to even write about it because I've made it so many times already, but I like this one, so I wanted to share it!

I used my pattern that I had previously traced and adjusted. This pattern runs pretty big - I know that I originally cut a size small, and made minor adjustments from there. Even though I used the same pattern as all the other versions, this fabric was less stretchy, so needed a slightly bigger size. Of course, I had already cut out all the pieces based on the original pattern, so I had to fit as I went. I ended up using only 1/4" seam allowances on the side and sleeve seams, as well as on the waist seam.

I actually lost the instructions a long time ago, so I don't remember how it says to use the elastic on the waist seam. Might be sewn directly on there, or maybe a casing? I serged clear elastic onto the waist seam, like I usually do. I think it holds up better and looks more professional than a casing. Also, I like finishing the neckline on this pattern with a binding, so I did that again.

The only other thing I did differently for this version is added the sleeves. Because this version of the dress doesn't have a sleeve option, I always just use a random sleeve pattern and hope that it fits. This time, I used the sleeve from Gertie's Sweetheart Shirt, found in one of her books. I didn't have enough fabric for three quarter length sleeves, which is what I originally envisioned, so I decided on half sleeves.

When I'm in the fabric store, I always seem to be drawn to blue or black fabrics. Consequently, I most often sew and wear blue or black clothes. I'm trying to expand my color choices, but when I saw two bundles of this fabric in the remnant bin, I couldn't resist. The fabric is a ponte knit in a blue/black leopard print. Oh yeah, I'm also drawn to animal prints in the fabric store. This fabric has it all.

Also I've sewn this pattern however many times, but this time was the first that I noticed an error on the pattern envelope. The drawing for this version has darts on the back bodice pieces, which are not supposed to be there. I thought I had been making the dress wrong the whole time! But I double checked with the description and pattern pieces, and the darts are definitely not supposed to be there.


  1. I still have yet to make this one. I went as far as getting material and the pattern. I'm having a burst of sewing energy lately, so maybe soon... As always your versions look great!

    1. Thanks! I've had a lot of success with this pattern, so I hope you do too!