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Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Floral Backpack: Colette Cooper

After I made a messenger bag from the Cooper pattern as a gift, I knew I wanted to make one for myself. I apparently carry a lot of crap around, so I desperately needed a bigger bag. And the Cooper is a great size. This time, I also remembered to add the design details that I forgot on my first make!

I made the backpack version of the pattern using floral and denim fabric. The floral canvas was a thrift store find - probably 4+ yards for $1! This bag used about a half yard of it, and I have no idea what I am going to do with the rest of it... but I think I already got my money's worth with this fabric. For the contrast fabric, I was deciding between a black velveteen that I had on hand, faux leather, or denim. Turns out the black didn't look very good with the fabric, and I couldn't find the right shade of leather. So denim it was.

I made my own straps - partly because I had so much trouble on my last bag finding the right size and color of webbing. But mostly because I think it looks nicer with the denim fabric. Looks more cohesive and intentional.

The canvas I used was not stiff, so the bag is pretty slouchy, which I don't mind. But if you like your bag to keep its shape when it's empty, you'd need to use a stiffer fabric/interface it with heavy interfacing.

I couldn't decide what fabric to use for the lining. I ended up using a purple cotton twill - the same type as I used in the messenger bag. The color honestly wasn't my first choice (there's not even any purple in the floral print), but wanted to use up some fabric from my stash, and I like the weight and sturdiness of that fabric.

Like I said, I remembered to add the contrast strips on the flap this time, as well as the rivets. I've been using this backpack for a couple weeks now, and it's awesome! The two things I love the most are the number of pockets and the huge size. I can finally put everything I need in one bag! Instead of having to shove as much as I can into my tiny bag and carrying the rest. And it has 4 huge pockets inside, as well as 4 on the outside for easy access.

I think I am going to make the satchel at some point so I have a more professional bag that I can bring to work/interviews. But for now, I'm quite happy with this backpack!

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  1. I love your bag. Great job. I'm motivated to make one as I have the pattern.