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Tuesday, February 24, 2015

An Abundance of Velvet: Finished Black Dress

I made a velvet skater dress. I know it sounds just like the last two dresses I made. And, well... I guess it is. But it's also different! This one is made from real stretch velvet, not crushed panne. And it's long sleeved. And it's black. I used my favorite - McCalls 6754 (again). There's not too much new to say about this pattern, so I wasn't even going to post this dress. But I just like it so I decided to share it.

I made the princess seam bodice version, like the recent purple one I made. But I sewed the longer sleeves, even extending them so they are full sleeves, instead of three-quarters. Like usual, I used a binding to finish the neckline. I don't know why I like using bindings on stretch garments, but it's easy and provides a nice finish. I zigzag top stitched the neck binding, but I was having trouble doing that with the sleeve binding, so I just left it.

I saw a yard of this fabric in the remnant bin one day, and took it home without a real plan for it. But it's velvet, so obviously I'm buying it. And then a few weeks later, I found another yard of the same fabric in the remnant bin, so I obviously had to buy that too. I just can't pass up inexpensive velvet! Anyways, so I had the two yards, enough to make my favorite skater dress. It luckily wasn't a problem that the fabric wasn't one continuous piece. The pattern pieces fit with no problem, and actually with plenty of room left over.

Since the remnant fabric is rolled up and then it sat hanging (folded up) in my closet for a while, there were wrinkles and lines on the velvet from where it was folded. I was able to steam most of them out (just with my regular iron on the steam setting). The fabric was pretty easy to sew. It's a little slippery, but it wasn't a problem if I was careful. The most annoying part was coverstitching the hem. It got bubbly after I sewed half of it, so I ripped out the stitches and did it again. I steamed the hem and sewed more carefully, and it turned out much better the second time.

I promise that this is the last velvet skater dress you'll see. At least for a while. Because I got a copy of Gertie Sews Vintage Casual for Christmas, so there's a thing or two from there that I want to make right away. I also want to make my first pair of jeans, a bomber jacket, and a button up shirt, so that should all keep me busy for a while!