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Thursday, January 1, 2015

Finished: Negroni Shirt

The first men's shirt I made, from the lovely Colette Negroni pattern. I actually made this a while ago - it was for my boyfriend's birthday present in February. Well, I made the muslin for his birthday, and then waited about three and a half months before I got around to sewing the actual shirt. In my defense, I was waiting until I found the perfect fabric, which was a lot harder to find than I expected! I ended up using a really nice medium weight chambray. It was a dream to work with, except that it frayed pretty easily.

I had never made a men's shirt before, so I made a muslin to test out the pattern, and of course, check the fit. Turns out, it needed no alterations. None! The only change I made was that I omitted the collar loop, at his request. I sewed a size small, and it fit him perfectly. I'm jealous... I don't think that has ever happened with anything I was sewing for myself. But it made my job much easier, and now I know I have a great-fitting shirt pattern for him. Not that I've made him any more... but maybe someday.

Because I was sewing for someone else, I was a super-perfectionist and I took my time on every part of making this. Still, this shirt did not take very long. I made it a while ago, so I can't remember how long I actually worked on it, but I remember expecting it to take a lot longer than it did! The instructions were very clear and easy to follow. I also followed the sewalong from Male Pattern Boldness, which was very helpful.

Checking out a random hole in the wall, but a nice look of the back.

I learned some new techniques from this project. I love the look and durability of flat felled seams. And they were not at all difficult to sew. After adding so many buttonholes, I got better at making those. I also learned that I could sew buttons on with my machine! I was so happy when I realized that I didn't need to hand sew all those buttons. Also, I was afraid the cuffs and plackets might give me some trouble, but the instructions and sewalong made it pretty easy to install.

Could have ironed the sleeves better for the photo, but the cuffs & plackets turned out nicely!
This pattern is slim fitting, which is perfect for him, as most store-bought shirts are way too loose through the body. It's a good length for being worn untucked (which he usually does), but he's also able to tuck it in. I showed him a bunch of different colors for button options, and he ended up choosing the white ones. I used blue thread to sew them on to match the shirt, and I like how it ties the shirt together.

I'm very happy with this shirt, and I think the recipient is too! And since this shirt is now 7 months old, I can tell you that it has held up very well to frequent wearings and washings. I like the flannel negronis I've seen online, so you might be seeing that in the (distant) future.

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