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Monday, December 22, 2014

Ron Swanson Pint Glass

Ron Swanson on a pint glass! I know, a whisky glass would have been more appropriate to don Ron Swanson's silhouette, but the recipient of this glass is not a whisky drinker. But still, I think he looks pretty good on a beer glass!

I used Armour Etch to etch the picture onto the glass. It's permanently etched into the glass, so it won't fade over time or come off in the dishwasher. I think Ron Swanson stencils should be abundant in craft stores, but since they're not, I had to make my own. I printed out a silhouette of his hair/mustache that I found online. Then I taped off the pint glass where I wanted to put his silhouette and taped the print out on top.

Using an Olfa knife, I cut out the parts I wanted to be etched. Then I took off the paper and peeled off the parts I cut out. Since I was etching the glass anyways, I didn't worry about scratching the glass when I cut out the stencil. If I was going to paint it or something, I would probably have cut out the stencil on a cutting mat and transferred it to avoid scratches on the outline. But that would have made it harder to get the stencil in the right place.

Also, I used the painters tape I had on hand, but it obviously was not very wide, so I had to put a bunch of strips next to each other. Thicker tape would have been easier, but I didn't want to buy a roll just for this purpose. After cutting everything out, I made sure the edges were firmly stuck on the glass so that the etching cream didn't seep under. Also, before I applied the cream, I taped off more of the glass so the rest of the glass is protected.

I applied the etching cream and mixed it around every few minutes so that the large crystals in the cream didn't leave weird marks on the design (which I learned from experience can happen - not a huge issue, but it looks smoother if you mix it around). The bottle says to leave it on for 1 minute, but I left it on for more like 25-30.The first time I did leave it on for just one minute was blotchy and not super nice looking.

Then I washed it off and admired my work! It was really hard to get a good picture of it, but hopefully you get the idea.

Glass etching is an awesome way to permanently put any design you want onto glass. It's addictive... I'm looking around my house to see what else I can etch! I definitely want to etch some of my kitchen containers and maybe something to organize my sewing room.

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