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Sunday, December 21, 2014

Finished: Sweater Peplum Top

When I bought this fabric, I had wanted it to be a dress, but obviously that didn't happen. I cut out and sewed the bodice, and planned to make a gathered rectangular skirt, but there just wasn't enough width to make a dress that wasn't super inappropriately short. But I was able to squeeze out a peplum top. So I ended up sewing McCalls 6754, with added sleeves.

I've made this top before, so it was a very easy piece to whip up - no alterations needed this time. Except I didn't remember which sleeve pattern I used before (the pattern does not include a sleeve option for this view, so I just used one from a different pattern). I think I ended up using a different one for this version, but it worked.

I matched the stripes on the back and side seams, which I usually forget to do, so I'm glad I was thinking ahead! I usually don't sew with stripes or any pattern that requires matching, so it's usually not on my radar.

Good pattern matching on the back seam, and pretty good on the sides.

I made a binding for the neckline, and coverstitched the sleeves and peplum hems. The fabric was some fairly low quality sweater knit type fabric. I got it as a remnant at the fabric store, which means it didn't have an information about it listed, so I don't know what type of fabric actually it is. It sewed pretty easily though, so that's good.

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