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Saturday, December 13, 2014

Fabric Tile Coasters

I made some coasters with tiles from a hardware store, decoupage glue, fabric from my stash, and acrylic coating, to help make them waterproof. Definitely an easy project - most of the time is spent waiting for things to dry.

Action shot with my owl mug
About the fabric, I actually got all of the fabric pieces I used for these tiles together in a bag at a garage sale - 25 cents for the whole bag of quilting fabric pieces. I bought it because I saw the Brewers fabric, and at 25 cents, couldn't pass it up! I didn't even see the other fabric until I opened the bag when I got home. There wasn't too much other good stuff, but I've been using it for muslins when I sew a new pattern for the first time.

I made a few sets of coasters for Christmas presents for different people. First up is the Packers coasters for a big Packer fan. I actually got the idea to make coasters because I was trying to figure out what to do with the Packers fabric. I didn't have very much of it, so I was thinking maybe I would make a potholder or a table runner or something, but didn't have enough fabric for either of those. I was looking around online for ideas and saw fabric coasters, and though that would be a great idea! But I didn't want to make flimsy fabric coasters, I wanted to attach the fabric to something sturdy. I've made tile coasters before with paper, but wasn't sure if it would work with fabric. But I decided to experiment, and it sure does work! I just used the regular decoupage glue. They have fabric decoupage glue now, but I used regular, and it worked fine. 

I also made Brewers coasters for a Brewers fan.

(If my mom, dad, and Liz are reading this, please don't disown me for what you are about to see. If it's any consolation, I didn't knowingly purchase this fabric, it was in the middle of the bag when I bought it from the garage sale, so I didn't know I was buying it!)

Finally, I made a set with Bears fabric. 

I would suggest not stacking them up or using them right away, even if they feel dry. I stacked up the first ones I made two days after they finished drying, and they stuck together a little when I unstacked them. But after a week or so, they didn't stick when I stacked them up.

On the bottom of all of them, I added those floor protectors that you put on the bottom of furniture. Since I used real tiles, the bottom is rough and will scratch the table. These felt dots just stick on and are very strong, so they won't easily fall off. You could also cut a square of felt or cork the size of the tile and glue it on the bottom. That would look nicer and cover up the barcode number, but I don't think people will be paying much attention to the bottom of the coaster! So I was okay with just using the dots.