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Sunday, November 23, 2014

The Dress That Wasn't (Simplicity 2444 as a Skirt)

I had set out to make a Simplicity 2444 dress in this red cotton fabric, but as you can see, it did not end as planned. I've made that pattern before, so I just cut it out with the adjusted pattern that I had used last time. But right after I cut the bodice pieces, I remembered that I had planned to lengthen the bodice on my next version. (ALWAYS WRITE SEWING NOTES!) But I didn't have enough fabric to cut another bodice, so I decided it wouldn't be a perfect fit, but it would be fine with a shorter bodice.

As it turns out, the too-short bodice was the least of my issues with this dress. It just didn't fit right. I don't know what happened! I can't explain it because I used the same exact pattern as last time, and almost the same fabric. Both versions used quilting cotton; the only difference was that this red fabric was a little stiffer and thicker. I guess that made a big difference because the bodice just looked terrible. I knew I wasn't going to be able to save it because I didn't have any more fabric to cut another bodice. But the bottom part was fine, so I just added a waistband, and made it a skirt!

I inserted a lapped zipper and a yellow button closure on the waistband. It's hard to tell in the pictures, but there is yellow in the pattern, so the bright yellow button makes sense, I promise!

Here's a close up of the fabric with yellow and black details.

At more than one point as I was sewing and trying to fit the bodice, I wanted to chuck the whole thing in the garbage and call it a loss. But thankfully, I was able to turn (half of it) into something wearable. At least I got a nice full skirt out of this disaster dress!

To make this into a skirt, I simply cut a length of fabric about 3 inches wide and a little longer than my waist measurement. I interfaced the waistband for strength and stability, and attached it to the skirt. I folded it over, and topstitched on the front to attach the facing to the skirt (I avoid hand sewing whenever I can).

It was so hard to take pictures of this skirt - so windy and cold that day!