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Friday, October 31, 2014

Finished! Leopard Print Robe

Check out my sweet robe. Oh man, I wish you could feel it. It's soooo soft. And sooo leopardy. It's like a really short pile fake fur. I used Simplicity 3696. This was the first robe I've attempted, and I am pleased at how it turned out!

I didn't plan on making the robe out of this fabric. I actually found the fabric completely by chance. I was at the fabric store the other day, and I happened to be in the cutting line behind someone who had this fabric. I liked the print (I love leopard everything), but wasn't considering getting it. But then the employee scanned the price and said that it was $1.49 a yard! So obviously I snatched a few yards up!

This pattern was easy to sew and since it's a robe, there isn't much fitting needed. I did have to take quite a few inches off the sleeves. I didn't measure, but I probably took off 3 inches. The pattern sizing was XXS - M, and I cut a size Small. 

The fabric is pretty thick, which made it difficult to sew at times. It also doesn't iron too well. Luckily, I didn't have to iron much, but the robe has big patch pockets, which were a little hard to put on. The fabric I turned under didn't want to stay in place after I ironed it, so I had to hold it place as I sewed.

The construction was pretty simple. The robe has raglan sleeves, which were very easy to put on. There is a band that goes around the neck down the front to the hem on both sides. That was easy to put on, too, and I like the finished look it gives. I don't think I'll make another robe - don't really have a need - but if I did make another one, I think it would be nice to have the band, belt, and pockets in a contrasting color.

Belt and loops on outside
There are two belt loops, which were probably the hardest part to sew, just because of the thickness of the fabric. I'm actually shocked that I didn't break a single needle! When I attached the loops between the side seams, I had to sew through 10 thick layers.

Inside view of loop - 10 layers! Don't mind the unclipped threads.
As you can see, I didn't do a very good job on the inside seams. I normally would finish them - or at least uniformly trim them - but I didn't feel like doing that on this because I'll never wear it in public, and I just wanted to be done.

I'm ready to lounge around in my comfy leopard robe!

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