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Monday, September 29, 2014

Kombucha Stuff

I try to brew a new batch and bottle the old batch of kombuca every two weeks. But often, I forget or put it off. I wanted to write about kombucha because I hoped it would help keep me on track of brewing it consistently. But... it seems like it hasn't helped yet. It's been a month since my last batch.... oops. I hope the batch I just bottled doesn't end up too vinegary. That can happen if you let it sit too long.

But I finally got around to bottling the batch I brewed on 8/27. But before I tell you what I just brewed, here are the results from my last batch. I'm glad I took the chance on coffee flavor - it was good!
Freshly brewed batch
Flavor results - 8/27/14
Original - 20 days secondary fermentation. Good batch. I used most of it in a smoothie. Original doesn't add much flavor, but it gives a nice fizz to smoothies.
Strawberry - 15 days secondary fermentation. Great strong strawberry flavor. Sweet, but also a little tart.
Coffee - 22 days secondary fermentation. This one was a total experiment. I had no idea what to expect, but it was quite good! It tasted like coffee with a slight kombucha flavor it it (if that sounds gross, I promise it wasn't. If you like coffee, that is). You do have to get over the fact that it is carbonated, but it's good!
Canary melon - 28 days secondary fermentation. This was a bad one... It was really bitter, didn't taste much like melon. I did use it in a smoothie, and it was good in that. But I couldn't drink it plain and won't make it again.
Cinnamon - 19 days secondary fermentation. Great flavor, not too sweet.
Grape - 13 days secondary fermentation. I used green grapes because I was out of red. Green is good, but I like red better. This was a little too sweet - should have left it fermenting a little longer.

Batch #24
Brewed 8/27/14
Bottled 9/29/14
Orange flavored cranberries* - 25 dried
Coffee - 5T brewed coffee & 1t sugar
Strawberry cinnamon - 5 berries & 1 cinnamon stick
Apple - 1/2 Wealthy apple, chopped
Original - 1t sugar
Vanilla - 1/2t extract & 1t sugar

*Orange flavored cranberries sound kind of strange, but I promise they are good. I've never tried them in kombucha, so we'll see how that goes. I get them from Trader Joe's.

Also, I never know what to do with my extra scobys! I usually end up throwing them out, but I wish I had something better to do with them. Any ideas?
What to do with this extra scoby?!

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