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Sunday, September 21, 2014

Finished (a while ago): Paisley Simplicity 1803

I made yet another Simplicity 1803. I finished this dress a while ago, but haven't posted about it yet. I found the "One Pattern, Many Looks" contest on Sewing Pattern Reviews, so I decided to make a few dresses to enter in that contest. At first, I was planning only to enter my black and yellow versions of Simplicity 1803. But when I was looking through my fabric stash, I found a paisley faux suede fabric that I wasn't sure about... I don't usually wear paisley, but since I was entering the contest, I wanted to challenge myself to try something I wouldn't normally have done.

Especially in the photos, the color washes me out a bit... and honesty, I don't know how much wear I will get out of it. But I do like how the dress hangs. It looks softer/more casual than the other versions I made because this fabric is thinner and flows better.

I was surprised about how different this fabric looks on the bolt vs. as a dress. I wasn't crazy about this fabric on the bolt, but I do like it on the dress. I guess it's important to look past what you actually see and try to envision how it could look as a finished garment.

Again, not much more to say about this pattern that hasn't been said here, but the main thing that is different using this fabric is the neckline. Just that, since the fabric is not as stiff as pique, it doesn't lay as flat, so the notch isn't as noticeable, which is unfortunate, as that is my favorite part of this pattern. But that probably would have been solved had I used interfacing on the facing as instructed, but I was lazy and skipped that step...

Still, I am really into this pattern right now, and actually am almost done with another version of this dress. Info about that dress, as well as a few skirts I made recently, to come soon!

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