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Monday, September 29, 2014

Finished: Blue Simplicity 1803

I promise this is the last Simplicity 1803 that I am going to sew (for a while)! I actually bought this fabric to make McCalls 2444, but I couldn't get the pattern pieces to fit on the amount of fabric I bought (even though I bought as much as the envelop told me!). So I just decided to make another 1803 because I like it and I could get the whole dress out of it. 

I used a quilting cotton like I did on my last dress, but this one is heavier weight and higher quality, so it worked much better. I liked the print - it has a gold outline around every shape, which is more noticeable in person.

Fabric detail
I didn't use interfacing on the facing pieces. I was hoping that the quilting cotton would be heavy enough to not have to do that. Guess not. It doesn't lay super flat, and interfacing would have helped with that. But I didn't feel like doing that step... so whatever.

Slight curl at the neckline notch
Also don't judge my pattern matching skills. I know it doesn't match at the center seam! I wasn't thinking when I cut out my pieces. And I didn't have any extra fabric to cut out a new bodice piece. Oh well. I'm over it. 

I like this fabric, but it does wrinkle very easily. I was sitting on the couch for just a few minutes before taking these pics, and you can see the wrinkles in the skirt from that.
Excuse the wrinkles and the wind blowing
I'm pretty happy with this dress and this pattern in general! But since this is my fourth version, I'm going to hold off making any more so that I can try out some of the many other patterns I own.


  1. I just love the Simplicity 1803. I have made three already and have material for another one standing by. Love this neckline and your fabric choice is beautiful!

    Erika @

    1. Thank you! It's a great pattern, isn't it?! I've seen your versions, I actually used them as inspiration as I was working on my dresses! Can't wait to see your next dress!

  2. I love the blue fabric you've used, Becky. You've done a great job. The dress looks fabulous.